All individuals who work with minors in University or student programs or activities that involve interaction with minors in spaces that are generally not open to the public must successfully complete a criminal background check. The University requires a fingerprint based criminal background check of state and national criminal records and sexual offender registries.

Update for 2020-2021 school year: Due to current University policies regarding COVID-19, Campus Card Services is not offering in-person fingerprint background checks.

In the interim, programs have two options for background checks:

  1. The Youth Protection Oversight Committee has approved a contactless background check through CastleBranch. The cost of this background check is $55 per individual billed directly to the department. This background check is valid for 1 year.
  2. Individuals may choose to complete a fingerprint background check at an off campus IdentoGO location and have results submitted to Campus Card Services. The fee of the background check is the responsibility of the department or individual to pay directly to IdentoGO. This background check is valid for 6 years.

As part of the program registration process, program administrators should indicate which background check their program plans to complete. A representative from the Youth Protection Oversight Committee will contact the program administrator regarding directions on completing the designated background check.

To comply with the Youth Protection Policy, a background check must be completed within the past 12 months and at minimum include a check of the following:

  • Nationwide Federal Criminal Records: Current name and all maiden/alias names
  • Missouri Statewide Criminal Records: Current name and all maiden/alias names
  • U.S. County Criminal Records, including counties of residence outside of Missouri, for the past 5 years
  • Nationwide Sexual Offender Registry: Current name and all maiden/alias names
  • Missouri Child Abuse Neglect Registry and Database