The Youth Protection Oversight Committee at Washington University is charged with overseeing the compliance with and managing issues around the University’s Youth Protection Policy. The Committee is also responsible for developing and delivering training related to minors on campus, and maintaining and implementing standardized forms, guidelines, and processes to support the implementation of the Policy.

The work of the Youth Protection Oversight Committee is supported by designated Youth Protection Department Representatives. A list of Department Representatives is available here.

Youth Protection Oversight Committee members as of 4/6/23:

Phyllis Jackson, Chair
Associate Director, Campus Life

Rob Wild
Associate Vice Chancellor and Dean of Students, Division of Student Affairs

Lisa Siddens
Associate Provost, Senior Advisor, Office of University Provost

Jason Chretien
Associate Vice Chancellor Chief of Staff, Executive Vice Chancellor for Administration

Scott Williams
Event Coordinator, Campus Life

Heidi Klosterman, Advisor to the Youth Protection Oversight Committee
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Associate General Counsel