Program Registration and Planning

I have been invited to give a guest lecture at a local school. Do I need to register this program?
Only programs that are under the exclusive authority of the University in off campus locations are required to register. A guest lecture organized and supervised by another entity is not required to register. You should abide by any policies that entity has in place for such an event.

I have been contacted by a perspective student, who is under 18, to meet and discuss applying to Washington University. What should I do?
This student should be encouraged to register they are visiting campus with Undergraduate Admissions. If the student will not be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian, the meeting needs to take place on campus in an open environment, never behind closed doors or completely out of view of others.

My friend’s child wants to come shadow in my lab for a few weeks, do I need to register?
Yes. All programs involving minors on campus must be registered. In addition, this type of activity will need to be reviewed by the Office of Human Resources to ensure compliance with city, state, and federal employee laws. It may also be subject to review by the Office of Environmental Health and Safety based on guidelines included in the Policy on Minors in Laboratories.

I’ve been contacted by a local organization that wants to bring a group of minors and a chaperone to tour my lab/department. Do I need to register?
Yes. All programs involving minors on campus must be registered. As long as the chaperone is present at all times and is responsible for the care and supervision of the minors, no background checks and training will be required. This event should be registered as a “school field trip or visit.”

I would like to invite an individual to give a lecture during my registered program. Do they need to complete a background check and training?
If this individual will not have one-on-one contact with a minor, or be alone with a group of minors, then a background check and training will not be required. Program staff should be present for all interactions between the individual and the minors.

I am working with a third-party sponsored program that will be using our campus spaces for a program involving minors. Who should register the program and what do they need to do?
All third-party organizations using campus spaces for programs with minors should be registered by the University office that is coordinating the use of the campus space. The individual from the University office will be listed as the program administrator on the registration, and the third-party organization leader should be listed as the emergency contact. Additional details about third-party programs is available here.

Background Checks and Training

How do I get a background check and training?
The first step is to register your program with the Youth Protection Program. Once your registration has been received and reviewed, you will receive an email with information to complete your background check and training.

Who will have access to any information learned as a result of the criminal background check?
Criminal background check information is confidential. The Offices of Human Resources and Youth Protection Oversight Committee, coordinate the review and processing of Youth Protection Program background check screenings.

What if I have a background check for another reason? Can I use this check?
The Youth Protection Program background check requires enrollment in criminal monitoring. For this reason, you must have a background check initiated through HireRight. We cannot accept other background check screenings.

Once I complete the required background check, will I have to do it again every year?
As long as the initial screening is complete through HireRight, then you may be enrolled in the criminal monitoring system without having to complete the initial screening again. The initial fee of $55 is good for up to four years of criminal monitoring. After four years, you will be billed again to extend criminal monitoring.

I am working with a community partner and they are asking me to complete a background check to be compliant with their policies. Can I get a background check through WashU?

In most cases, the Youth Protection Program can support individual and group requests for background checks. Please send us an email at to discuss.

I need a copy of my background check results to give to another entity. How can I receive a copy?
You may access a copy of your background screen results by logging into your HireRight account.

When isn’t a background check or training required?
If the minor participating in the program is accompanied at all times by a parent, legal guardian, or school/organization chaperone who is responsible for their care and supervision, then a background check and training are not required. All guidelines for the safety and well-being of minors included in the policy are expected to be followed.

What should I do if I am not sure whether a background check or training is required?
You can contact the Youth Protection Oversight Committee at to discuss your program.