In addition to regular reporting procedures within a program or department, as well as mandatory reporting procedures, incidents involving minors should also be reported to the Youth Protection Oversight Committee. For details on what incidents to report visit Incident Reporting.

Please use the form below to report incidents involving minors to the Youth Protection Oversight Committee. If you have questions regarding this form please contact the committee at

VERY IMPORTANT: Program administrators should follow the established department guidelines for reporting the incident to department personnel which is separate from the process noted above. Reporting to the Youth Protection Oversight Committee does not replace the protocols in place within your program or department or end the process of reporting the incident.

Key definitions for using this form:

  • minor: an individual under the age of 18; does not apply to individuals who are full time enrolled students of the University or have accepted the University’s offer of admission.
  • program: any program, activity, or event offered by all schools and departments of the University, student groups, or non-University groups on University-owned property or using University facilities. This does not apply to public programs, activities, or events where parents, guardians, school teachers or other third party adults are present and expected to provide supervision of minors in their care during the program, activity, or event.
  • program administrator: individual responsible for program administration and ensuring compliance with Youth Protection Policy. Must be a WashU affiliated individual (student, staff, or faculty).
  • program staff: an individual aged 18 or older who works, paid or unpaid, with programs that involve interaction with minors in spaces that are generally not open to the public

Youth Protection Incident Report

Information for Person Involved in the Incident


Information Regarding Incident


Information for Individual Filing Report

If not the individual filing this report.
If not the individual filing this report.
If not the individual filing this report.

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