The information included below is for use by programs sponsored by non-University organizations (i.e. third-parties or external organizations) held on University property.

We require all third-party or external organization hosted programs to meet all of the following guidelines :

  • Complete a Third-Party Acknowledgment of Responsibility Agreement.
  • Review the Youth Protection Policy with all program employees, volunteers, and chaperones and ensure they understand their responsibilities and expectations under the policy.
  • Abide by all facility usage requirements including demonstrating proof of insurance, including coverage for sexual abuse and misconduct, for the duration of the program occurring on University property at least two weeks before the program start date.
  • Inform participants and their parents/legal guardians that the program is not sponsored by Washington University.
  • Complete criminal background checks for all adult employees, volunteers, and chaperones assisting with the program.
  • Train all adult employees, volunteers, and chaperones assisting with the program on preventing and reporting suspected child abuse, steps that should be taken to protect the wellbeing of minors, duties as mandatory reporters, and appropriate supervision of minors.
  • Obtain signed liability releases and waivers for all minor participants. Such release and waiver will specifically include language removing Washington University, its governing board, officers, students, employees, agents and volunteers from any liability for the participant’s involvement with the third-party program.
  • Obtain and maintain current medical and emergency contact information on each minor participant.
  • Ensure that each minor participant is authorized by their parent or legal guardian to engage in the third-party program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I register my non-University sponsored program?

Your Washington University Primary Point of Contact is responsible for acting as program administrator and registering your program with the Youth Protection Program. You are responsible for completing the Third Party Acknowledgement of Responsibility Agreement and submitting to your Primary Point of Contact for submission to the Youth Protection Program.

Do I need to submit employee, volunteer, or chaperone background check certificates?

You are required to retain and be able to produce evidence of background check completion for all adult employees, volunteers, or chaperones in your program.

Whom can I contact for help locating campus spaces to host my program?

Summer Programs and Conference Services at Washington University provides complete support for residential summer camps, workshops, conferences, and seminars. The Event Management Office of Campus Life at Washington University supports off campus guests to utilize Danforth Campus facilities for personal and community events.