The following forms and resources are available for use by programs involving minors.

A list of key definitions for to assist individuals in their work with minors is available here.

*Any changes made to the language on these forms needs to be approved by the Office of General Counsel.

Best Practices for Form Collection

Programs should have a system in place to collect, retain, and dispose of minor’s information and any forms collected for a minor’s participation in a program. Forms that require a signature or release of rights should be collected via fax, email, or mail. If collected electronically, pdf is the preferred file type. Jpeg or png file types are strongly discouraged. Pdf e-signatures are not acceptable. The recommendation is that the signature be a hard signature.

DocuSign enables faculty, staff, and students at WashU to easily collect eSignatures on documents. For details on DocuSign, please visit the WashU IT website