Below is a list of key definitions to assist individuals in their work with minors.

  • minor: an individual under the age of 18; does not apply to individuals who are full time enrolled students of the University or have accepted the University’s offer of admission.
  • program: any organized event or activity that includes participants who are minors offered by an academic or administrative unit of the University or recognized student organization whether on University-owned property, using University owned or managed facilities, or under the exclusive authority and direction of the University in other locations. Programs also include events or activities offered online, or by non-University organizations using campus facilities.
  • program administrator: an individual aged 18 or older, designated as the primary contact for the program and is responsible for program administration and ensuring compliance with Youth Protection Policy. Must be a WashU affiliated individual (student, staff, or faculty). Also serves as primary point of contact for third-party or external organization sponsored programs.
  • program staff: an individual aged 18 or older who works, paid or unpaid, in a program where the individual may have one-on-one contact with a minor or contact with a group of minors, in a non-public setting without a parent, legal guardian, or school chaperone present.
  • emergency contact: an individual aged 18 or older responsible for directly overseeing minors in their activities and responding to emergency situations.