At conclusion of a program, program administrators are asked to complete the Compliance Verification Form located below. This form includes information about total number of minors and program staff, names of program staff, and verifies that all required forms were collected and any incidents were reported using committee procedures.

The Youth Protection Oversight Committee will review the information provided on the Compliance Verification Form and follow-up with program administrators regarding any questions or concerns.

A list of key definitions for using this form is available here.

Youth Protection Program Compliance Verification Form

Maximum file size: 51.2MB

File must include first name, last name, email address, and home address for all program staff and be in an Excel format. Please separate information into columns.
Were applicable liability waivers and releases received for all minors that participated in the program?
Do you have any incidents involving minors that have not been reported to the committee?
Information about incident reporting is available here: